What does a high quality program for preschool look like?

January 10th, 2023

by Katrina Brooke

Creating a Caring Community of Learners

In a high-quality preschool, children develop positive relationships with each other and their teachers. Teachers

  • Are warm and caring, and they get to know each child and family well
  • Help children learn how to play, work together, and make friends
  • Plan activities so that all children can join in
  • Include every child’s family, language, and culture in the program

Teaching to Support Children’s Development and Learning

Teachers set up the classroom, choose materials, and plan activities that support children’s learning. They also

  • Provide materials and activities that interest children and challenge them
  • Encourage children’s efforts by making specific comments
  • Set clear limits for children’s behavior and explain the reasons

Planning and Adapting Curriculum

A preschool curriculum is based on what most preschoolers should know and be able to do. Teachers plan and adapt curriculum to help children learn and grow by

  • Setting learning goals for children that are challenging but achievable with help
  • Balancing group activities and instruction guided by the teacher with activities children choose themselves
  • Providing enough time for children to get deeply involved in activities and learning
  • Paying attention to and supporting children’s interests, skills, and knowledge

Assessing Children’s Development and Learning

Through regular assessment, teachers understand what each child knows and can do. This helps them decide which materials, activities, and experiences to add to help children continue learning. Teachers assess children’s learning and development by

  • Regularly taking notes on what children do and say
  • Collecting samples of children’s drawings and writings
  • Taking photos of the things children make
  • Using screening tests to identify when children need more learning support
  • Asking you what activities your child does at home and what interests he has

Developing Relationships With Families

Teachers want to build trusting relationships with families. They know that you are the most important people in your child’s life. Teachers partner with families by

  • Listening to families’ goals and concerns for their children
  • Encouraging families to participate in the program in different ways
  • Showing respect for each family and its language and culture
  • Trying to find ways to communicate in a family’s home language

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