View sample Menu as well Meal guidelines below.  Bi-weekly menus emailed to parents.

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Our Chef, Mr. Patrick Nelson, plans and implements all our meals following the Department of Early Childhood Licensing guidelines.  We balance a high fiber, low sugar and salt diet with foods that will appeal to young children.

  • We are now partnering with Kelsick Farms, a small, family-owned local business that grows, sources, and delivers fresh, nutrient-rich and GMO-free organic produce and groceries each week to provide our produce.
  • Families attending can also purchase and pick up their own assorted boxes at the end of the day on Thursdays call  (360)652-Good
  • We purchase organic eggs.
  • Breakfast and snacks all include two of the four food groups.
  • Breakfast is served at 7:35 and cleared up at 7:45.
  • Lunch consists of all four food groups (grain, protein, fruit/vegetable, and dairy).
  • Menus are rotated on a six-week basis and seasonal changes.
  • We have eliminated known GMO foods, Hydrogenated Oils, and High Fructose Corn Syrup and food coloring from our foods.
  • Each week contains 1-2 vegetarian meals. Vegetarian is always an option.
  • Milk & yogurt that is RBST free. 1 to 2 years Homogenized and 2 to 5 years 1% Milk Fat.
  • Carrots, Apples, and the dirty dozen are organic and as much as we can find and afford. (Apples, Strawberries, Grapes, Celery, Peaches, Spinach, Sweet bell peppers, Nectarines, Cucumbers, Cherry tomatoes, Snap peas, Potatoes).
  • Parents can choose organic soy milk or coconut milk and coconut yogurt as an alternative to cow’s milk for a monthly fee.
  • Most meal items are made from scratch with whole grains and fresh/frozen fruits and vegetables.
  • We do use some canned and frozen fruits and vegetables, packed in their own juice, to add variety during the winter months.
  • The Shyne School does not serve tree nuts or peanuts.  We use sunflower butter.
  • We can make most substitutions for allergies or dietary restrictions.  We ask parents to supplement us with food from home if we do not have an easy substitute.
  • We follow the American pediatrics recommendations such as little juice and adjusting and substitutions for our youngest eaters.
  • Children must be eating solid foods and drinking fluids to attend. Holding a sippy cup and feeding themselves.
  • We make substitutions for our Waddler, Dewdrop class for foods they are not ready to eat as a group.  We steam vegetables & cut the food into small sizes and peel fruit for them.
  • We post allergies and dietary restrictions in each classroom.  It is up to parents to update the school and work with the cook to make substitutions.
  • We make baked goods in house, and we use whole grains and honey, molasses, and other natural sweeteners to replace sugar. Our goal is to serve a low sugar diet.
  • Each classroom has a fresh pitcher of water with cups, a fountain or drinking sink devoted to children having access to water all day long.

For an additional charge we can offer alternatives, such as an alternative milk or yogurt alternative

Oat or Soy milk – These are about $5 a container that would last a month
Coconut milk yogurt alternative, soymilk yogurt alternative. – these are $2 each and we have 5 a month – always on Mondays and once a week at 5 pm = $10

Please contact the with additional questions.

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