Our Recommendations for Transition

To transition to The Shyne School we would like to have parents and children come for an hour’s visit in the morning 10:00 to 11:00 AM. During all transition visits parents need to stay at the school at all times. You are responsible for your child until they start on their first day. We recommend planning on being in the classroom with your child but also know there may be times you step out of the classroom.  We will register you with the time clock if you are able to leave your child during the visit.

While you are here:

  • We ask parents to step out for 5 to 10 minutes once your child has been here for 20 or 30 minutes and is involved in an activity.
  • Make sure you say goodbye and that you will be right back.
  • We ask parents not to sneak out when the child is busy, it is important to build trust.
  • Come back when you say. If this is a hard separation for your child, you may need to come a few more times before the first day of school.
  • Talk with your child’s teacher about how the visit went and how many more visits to plan.
  • For children three and four we usually do an hour visit once before they start.

On Transition Visits…

Parents can guide the children through their day and help them key in on routines and transitions. The teacher may call the class by name or ring a bell and expect the children to come inside when they hear that. Parents can help their child by saying “Did you hear the teacher say we are going inside when she rings the bell? Let’s listen for it.” When parents stay and guide their children, they also get to see the teacher and children interact and see activities that happen at school. Children can tell when parents feel comfortable leaving. When children cry, they are comforted by their teacher, and a bond starts to form, when children feel safe and loved. A transition to a new school can be harder for parents than for children sometimes. It can be very hard to leave when your child is crying. Parents are welcome to call after they have left to check on their child.

For Preschool and Pre-K, when children are older, they have usually learned to separate from their parents easier. If you find your child is having a tough time you may want to schedule a longer, second visit.

We also open the play areas to families on the weekend. When children play outside it gives them a sense of familiarity with the school and can increase their comfort level.

For children that have difficult separations, you may want them to start with shorter days, and build up to longer days.  If they are only registered for two days, it can be helpful for an adult to stop by and visit with the child on a third day until they bond with the teachers and adjust to school and can separate from parents.

We want to work with you, so this is a positive experience for your whole family.

– Katrina Brooke, Director

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