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The Shyne School offers a lot of flexibility for parents.  We have two sessions, Fall runs from September to Mid-June and Summer from Mid-June to the end of August.  Not only can parents choose their days, number of days and length of days they enroll for, they can also choose to attend year round,  just for Fall session and take the summer off or attend just for summer!

We often have past students that attended Kindergarten during the school year return for the summer to enjoy our fun in house activities.  We offer a lower ratio of 10:1 and the oldest group age range from 5 to 7 years old.

Our Curriculum  focuses on three primary topics of study; Science, Structures and Things that go!  We have different visitors each summer and fun activity days like Wet & Wild Days, Things that go Day, and an End of Summer Party. We also do more field trips during the summer for Preschool and Pre-K/school age, but need parent help to take trips away from the school so we have lower ratios.

Summers includes:

SCIENCE (June 24 to July 12, 2019)

We will work on documenting the things we see through drawings, charts, notes, stories, sculptures and art.  The whole month will be devoted to the study of science.   Topics of study may include but will not be limited to animals, dinosaurs, and bodies of water, ice cream, volcanoes, growing things, environments, climates, bubbles, and insects. How do you make ice cream? Why does ice melt?  What is the make up of a bubble? Why are dinosaurs gone? What kind of bug is this?  These are just a few of the questions we hope to find the answers to.  We enjoy watching butterfly larva  form their chrysalis!

Thursday, July 4, 2019 The Shyne School is CLOSED!!  Please let us know if you will be taking additional days off this week so staff can take days off if we are low.

For HOT DAYS! Wet N’ Wild DAYS All Summer!  Bring a bathing suit/trunks, water shoes and water toy or super soaker!!! Because we can’t predict the weather, plan on  leaving them at school for the whole summer. Water proof foot wear is best with wood chips!

STRUCTURES (July 15 to August 2, 2019)

Structures are everywhere, in fact you would not be standing without the structure inside of you.  Did you guess what it is?  Your skeleton!!  Some activities you will see are forts, cages, tents, theater sets, costumes, boxes, and 3-D Art.  We will be taking a look at the construction and blue prints of buildings, vehicles and the internal structures of animals and humans. You will still see Science projects, because they flow together.

THINGS THAT GO (August 5 to August 23, 2019)

This is all about movement! People (exercise, dancing, travel, Olympics…), Transportation (planes, auto, trains, buggy, bike, tricycles, scooters, boats…), Animals (horses, camels, ox, elephant, dog sled…) and anything that moves with our help, electricity or batteries! Some things we may experiment with could be Yo Yo’s, pendulums, pulleys, skateboards, scooters, jump ropes, fans and different sprinklers!  I bet the kids can think of even more things!

  • End of Summer Party Friday August 28, 2019
  • Last Day of Summer August 28, 2019!   
  • August 29, 2019, CLOSED for a Teacher Work Day .
  • Transition Week for New & Full Day Students August 19-27 7 30 to Sept 6, 2019 
  • First day of school Sept 3, 2019, for Full Day students, move to New Class.
  • Transition Week for New Students Sept 3 to 6, 2019
  • First Day of school September 9, 2019  for Only & Plus students

We will be planning our Summer Party for August 28, 2019, repeating our favorite summer activities Aug 26 to 28th and packing up for the end of summer!

We will plan special visitors and field trips related to the children’s study projects.  Parents are notified before a visitor comes or field trips. Parents sign an overall consent form for field trips and medical care at the time of enrollment.  We will let you know what to provide for each trip and if there is an admission fee.  We will need parent chaperons to make trips happen!

Once I receive enrollment for summer we balance out our classes for the summer. We work hard to keep the children in their current class for the summer or move them up if we feel they need a more challenging class. We change the name of the older groups to separate the summer program from the regular school year for the children.  For the Toddlers we keep it as consistent as possible with the name of the program, schedule, class mates and teachers!  The Stargazer group is called Busy Bee’s and the Sunshiner group is called Butterflies just for the summer. Children may move to the older group in Summer or move to the next group in the Fall based on enrollment and teacher recommendations.

As we transition into fall, children will visit in the group with their new teacher throughout the summer and at the end of August.  We work hard as a teaching team to ensure your child’s needs are being met on all levels of development for a smooth transition.  Make sure you stop in and visit so you also feel your needs are being met and you have a smooth transition too!

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