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We provide an early learning environment for children 1 to 6 years of age. Our goal is to provide a warm and caring, home-like atmosphere, where all children, no matter their families race, sexual orientation, religion or economic level, feel welcome and appreciated.

The core of our curriculum is the warm and welcoming interaction children have each day with friends and teachers. Each classroom is set up in learning centers (home center, building, library, art, sensory, manipulative, and science) so the children learn to manage their time, make good choices and problem solve. The day is a balance of active and quiet times so children are active but not over stimulated.

Our teachers are educated professionals and build a partnership with parents to provide the best possible education and care for the children. Please share any ideas, concerns, or recommendations you have with them. We have annual parent teacher conferences at the beginning of the year or upon parent or teacher request.

We invite parent participation in our classrooms, on field trips and at annual center events such as fall festival, curriculum night, special person tea, and the end of the year picnic.

Each week we present the children with new stories, songs, books, and activities. We provide age and developmentally appropriate activities that encompass all aspects of early childhood education. We extend and enrich the children’s play so the projects and activities can change during the week depending on the children’s interest and direction they take.

We plan a balance of child directed and teacher directed activities and are committed to giving children the social/emotional (self-esteem, independence, self help skills, separation), cognitive (art, language development, math, cooking, science) and physical (building, large and small motor) skills they need. Teachers use a variety of learning approaches to meet each child’s individual needs to develop the whole child. Teachers are committed to giving the child opportunities to learn the skills they need to be successful in life.

We are aware of new research concerning all aspects of child development so we can implement new ways to teach children. Children already know so much! This kind of curriculum encourages teachers to focus on the child’s development and to build on the child’s existing strengths. Our main focus is the serious work children do through play, and we work on cognitive skills that are to be mastered before kindergarten. We focus on the child’s interest to guide us. We want to build on their learning, starting with what they already know. If the child shows an interest in a concept or activity, we have the materials to help that child achieve his/her goals.

In 2016 we started using Teaching Strategies Gold that aligns developmentally appropriate goals and objectives for early learners with the Common Core Standards used by Public Education for the State of WA.  This helps our teachers set learning goals for the individuals as well as the class as a whole.  It helps us cover all learning areas and teach intentionally.

Poster in our lobby

With GOLD®, teachers can:

  • use a variety of online tools to gather and organize meaningful data quickly, including online portfolios where children’s work can be stored
  • create a developmental profile of each child to answer the questions, “What does this child know? What is he or she able to do?”
  • understand how their observations relate to important objectives for development and learning and use that understanding to scaffold each child’s learning
  • determine if a child is making progress and compare the child’s knowledge, skills, and behaviors to those of most children of his or her age or class/group
  • recognize children who might benefit from special help, screening, or further evaluation generate comprehensive reports that can be customized easily and shared with family members

Teachers are finalizing their observations and will then share the information with parents at conferences.


About The Shyne School
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Download our annual Calendar for Shyne Calendar 2021 to 2022

*We follow the NSD calendar for breaks. We make accommodations for LWSD families.

October 2021

11 Columbus Day Regular Class
13 & 14 Individual Photo’s
TBD Fall Festival – Not

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Important Information

Classroom Hours: 7:30 to 5:30 until Covid restrictions lift  8/24/21

We are happy to be engaging Tri Landscape & Design Inc {(206) 953-0722} for landscaping and for snow removal.

If Northshore School District closes, we will cancel our …

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When we are full we will only offer individual tours for openings, by appointment.  You can view our openings on the enrollment page. We use the WA school cut off date of 8/31 for our classes.

Open Tours are offered …

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