How to Give Clear Directions

“Why do I have to repeat myself time and again?” “Why
won’t she listen to me?” Listening and following directions
are important skills young children must learn. There are
many reasons why children do not follow directions.
„ The child …

Help Your Child Become a Great Problem Solver

Preschoolers who can solve their own problems feel confident and enjoy learning. They are willing to make mistakes and learn from them and keep trying until they succeed. Families can help children develop problem-solving skills by taking advantage of opportunities

10 Tips for Raising a Compassionate Infant-Toddler

By Julia Luckenbill

Recent research shows that infants and toddlers are far more empathetic than we once thought. While they have short fuses, and don’t cope well with sharing, they are capable of being compassionate. With this in mind, here

Welcoming Families!

Growing Interdependence: Toddlers

The years of toddlers and twos should be some of the most joyful years for you and your child. These children grow by leaps and bounds—walking, talking, laughing, singing, helping, and gaining new life experiences every day. Your child now …

Ready for Success: Quality Care, School-Readiness, and the Skills Young Children Need to Succeed

One of the most commonly discussed concepts in the world of early childhood, the term “school-readiness” is definitely a hot topic. While it might seem to be a basic concept, understanding what children need to be prepared for school warrants

Separation Anxiety: 7 Steps To Overcoming Clingy Behavior by Dr. Patricia Nan Anderson

Separation anxiety bothers us. We Americans love independence and self-reliance so our child’s
clinginess seems almost un-patriotic. We also worry about how our child will handle going to school.
We might already have had difficulty with starting childcare or preschool …

Project Work and Nature A Natural Combination

A project is a deep investigation of something that interests children. Project work energizes and motivates children. It can transform classrooms into exciting learning laboratories where children begin to see how math and literacy skills can help them find answers

Red Flags and Not-To-Worries by Dr. Patricia Nan Anderson

Every parent and every teacher wonders “Is this normal?” “Should I be worried?” “How long do I wait?”
No matter how old the child is, these are the questions that will run through your head, usually late at
night when …

Adjustment for WA Kindergarten Gradual Start

Working on our Calendar next year – Adding in time to follow the school districts Gradual Start – Dates to plan for:
Last Day of School June 14, 2018
CLOSED Teacher Work Day June 15, 2018
First Day of Summer
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MARCH 2019

TBA Reptile Isle – School Wide Assembly
5 Ms. Katy Reptile visits
21 Purim costumes from home, NO Weapons/Violence
21 Holi – Celebration of Color
14 & 15 Photo Day – Groups taken and individual’s available
Thurs., March …
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Important Information

 The Shyne School is for regular hours open Monday to Friday, 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM

We are happy to be engaging Tri Landscape & Design Inc {(206) 953-0722 if you are looking for snow removal} for landscaping

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Tours are offered Monday to Friday at 9:30 or 10:30 AM by appointment, for classes with openings, posted on the enrollment page.

We offer open tours January through February each year for a summer or fall  start. We do not

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