10 Ways to Increase Your Ability to Roll with the Punches in 2012!!

January 26th, 2012

by Katrina Brooke

1 Work to establish good relationships and social connections. Close
ties with friends and family can help foster resiliency. With support and
encouragement around you, your ability to cope and move forward is greater.
Steps: Host a neighborhood watch or disaster preparedness party. Join local
clubs. Help your neighbor out with a daily routine or chore.
2 Remember that time will heal. You may feel overwhelmed in extremely
stressful situations, but remember that with time it will pass. Focus on small actions toward a goal and
work hard to stay optimistic. Steps: Write a letter to yourself reminding you of all the challenges you have
overcome in the past and keep it in a safe place to refer to in tough times. It will be a reminder that this
situation, too, will pass.
3 Appreciate change as a part of life. Sometimes change happens that we can’t control. Accept the
change that comes and adjust your plans to reflect it. Steps: Talk with others about your feelings. Keep a
journal to help come to terms with the changes. Look back on memories where a change turned out to be
good in your life.
4 Hold onto goals. Even in the most difficult times, hold onto goals and continue to make progress
toward them, even if the movement is small. Steps: Set specific actions to take to reach your goals.
Make a list of your actions that you have taken to reach your goal. Keeping track of what you have
finished can help show that you are making progress.
5 Be decisive. Problems usually will not go away on their own. Do not ignore what has to be done or get
bogged down by too many choices. Make decisions and act. Steps: Create an action plan with specific
steps and deadlines. Reward yourself when you complete major milestones.
6 View difficult situations as a chance for personal development. Think of times in the past when
adversity led to positive results, or how weeks of clouds could make a beautiful day seem extra special.
Perhaps a challenge in the past led to a stronger relationship or spiritual growth. Steps: When a tough
time comes your way, write down three things you may learn from the experience.
7 Respect yourself and remember you are capable of great things. Confidence
and self-esteem can guide you when going through the hardest times of your life.
Steps: At the end of each day, make a list of at least three things you did well. Do
things that challenge you regularly. Know your beliefs and values, and don’t let
negativity or doubts affect them. Refuse to listen to voices that tear you down.
8 Stay healthy. Be mindful of what de-stresses you and do it regularly. Eat healthy,
stay active, and take breaks.
9 Stay optimistic. Maintain hope and the belief that good things will come. Recognize that there are
some things that you cannot influence. Keep yourself from worrying by focusing on defining and achieving
realizable goals. Steps: Communicate regularly with people who give you support.
10 Know yourself. You know better than anyone else what challenges you face. If you often get really
worried about small imperfections in life, volunteer to help individuals who face greater challenges to keep
things in perspective.
Adapted from article of same name in 3DAYS 3 WAYS Disaster Guide, 3days3ways.org

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